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sunset-orangeWe have a number of lakes in addition to our "home lake" on which we keep boats for our guests.

GOWGANDA LAKE,  Ojibway translation "Place of large Pickerel"                       - Our "Home Lake" -

Gowganda Lake,  is one of the area's largest lakes with some 38 miles of shoreline to work. The bottom consists of several basins. The average depth is approximately 27 feet although there area number of holes ranging from 40 feet to 170 feet. It is also characterized by a number of shoals, drop offs, weed beds and sunken islands. The small townsite of Gowganda,  is located at the northeast tip of gowganda lake,  and the remainder of gowganda lake,  is relatively uninhabited. gowganda lake,  boasts a variety of fish species including Walleye fishing,  Pike fishing,  Jumbo Perch fishing,  Lake Trout fishing,  and an excellent supply of Small mouth Bass,  as we have no closed season on Bass,  Pike,  and Lake Trout.  For example, Bass, can be fished as soon as the ice is off the lake through to the end of the season. Fall Walleye fishing,  can also be a delight as they get the bite on for the winter.

fishing1WAPUS RIVER - (West branch of the Montreal River) /PENASSI LAKE

Due to its easy access, we do not keep a boat here, but many of our guests take one of our boats, or their own boat, and enjoy a wilderness trip experience along its miles. As well as its frequently viewed wildlife such as moose, bear, beaver, the waters yield Walleye,  Northern Pike, and Small Mouth Bass, as well as Perch. The river is quite rocky with an average depth of 10- 11 feet, its maximum depth being approximately 2 2 feet.


Old "Stumpy" is reached by portage from Gowganda Lake,  and is one of the area's renowned Walleye fishing, lakes.  It is man-made by a log dam, is about 3 miles long by 1 mile wide, with an average depth of about 10 feet. And it is well-named, there being no shortage of stumps and logs to troll around or cast into and great weed beds. Try going to the top of the gorge to lookout,  at the panoramic view of "Old Stumpy"


The water from this lake feeds by a waterfall into Gowganda Lake,  and getting to it involves a portage to the top of the waterfall. This lake is I mile wide by about 2 miles long and right full of feisty Small Mouth Bass.  This is a great lake for a sunny day and one of the best lakes you can find to enjoy with your children.


This lake is accessed by driving to Edith Lake, boating cross Edith and walking a 150 yard portage. Small Mouth Bass.  can be caught by the falls and along the rocky shoreline; Walleye fishing,   on the shores and dropoffs, or Pike fishing,  in the river at the end of the lake, where you can also boat through a narrow channel into Davidson for Pike,   and Walleye fishing.


Bass anglers rejoice. The rugged shoreline, rocky shoals and many islands of this 3 half mile long by 3/4 mile wide lake yields some great Bass.  Elkhorn has a maximum depth of about 75-80 feet and average depth of about 20 feet.


A few of the more remote lakes within driving distance in the area offer plentiful lake trout, however the main lake in recent years has also been stocked with Lake Trout, offering great fishing opportunities right at Gow-Bush-Kon Lodges  door step.

These are just some of the  More poular lakes in the area you can explore and fish, and there are lots more.


There are many more,easily accessed  in the area, less frequented by the masses, and more remote,accessed at


And still even more for the "more" adventurous, 4X4 required, accessed at


Fall Moose,  and Ontario Black Bear  Hunt packages are also available."Timber Wolf hunts". available by request.  (inquire)


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