Canada In THe Rough - Season 5 Episode 3 - Gowganda Bear

 Here in Gowganda, I celebrated the finest birthday I ever had! We stayed 2 nights in a cabin of GowBushKon Lodge (GBKL). The cabin did not even had a lock - not necessary, safe place. No locks, where on earth does one find that? The wooden cabins of GBKL are built on a big, protruding rock of the Canadian Shield, which basically is the rockplateau underneath most of Canada. Like almost all of the houses in Gowganda, the cabins of GBKL are directly at the Gowgonda Lake. GBKL is owned by Steve and Lydia, who are an amazingly hospitable, friendly couple. We were immediately comfortable there. Lydia treated the kids on icecream, and she brought me a great birthday cake with Happy Birthday in little candles. We really enjoyed the beautiful sunset, although a few clouds hampered proper sight. The haunting sound of the loons was amazing. Our stay here was so much fun. We 'motorboated' (that is an expression of Jesse) on the lake the full day, and the kids screamed with joy if we were going really fast. From time to time, we jumped into the water for a nice swim, even Sharyn with her little swimming belts on her arms. It was great swimming and boating on the lake whilst seeing the rocks and trees at the banks. Of course, there were beautiful falls to be visited at the lake. And Steve pointed us to the old silvermine to be entered only from the water, which we obviously explored - after braving the ice-cold knee-deep water within the mine. In the evening, a campfire was made with marshmellows of course. It was all excellent.

So, what was so appealing here? The friendly owners and the peace, quietness, nothing else to be heard than the wind in the trees, the singing of the birds, the sound of the water... (and the sound of the motor boats to the village, obviously)original version in Dutch click here